Course Length: 60 Minutes

Course Description


Many early childhood teachers make great use of puppets in storytelling. In this session, the presenter, a professional puppeteer, will demonstrate different approaches to making your own puppets. When you make your own puppets the variety of stories that you can tell and create will increase. The presenter will also share some approaches that she uses when telling stories with puppets.


Presented by: Emily Paterson


Standards Addressed

2.1.2 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
3.3.2 Use teaching strategies

Completing ETLN2027 Literacy – making and using puppets will contribute 1 hour of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing the standards 2.1.2, 3.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW



ETLN2027 Literacy – making and using puppets

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  • Wednesday Oct 14 2020, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • The TLN Online Learning Space