Presented by: Benjamin Pisani

Course Length: 60 Minutes


Course Description


Effective student engagement begins with knowing your students and understanding their interests. When you are moving in and out of schools and classrooms as a CRT It is not easy to build a knowledge of students. The greater the depth and diversity of your knowledge about popular culture among students, the greater your capacity to connect with their interests (and expand your own interests). In this session the presenter, an experienced music teacher, will explore elements of popular music (including film, television and musical scores) that he uses in his classroom to connect with student interests and improve learning outcomes.


Standards Addressed

1.1.2 Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students
3.4.2 Select and use resources
4.1.2 Support student participation


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CRT2036 Understanding your students – the world of popular music

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  • Monday June 29 2020, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
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