Presented by: David Innes

Course Length: 3.5 Hours


Course Description


There are many elements in a well structured lesson. They include setting clear expectations, giving clear instructions, managing smooth transitions, scaffolding student learning, and conducting effective formative assessment. These are foundation teaching skills but are more complex for CRTs who are often required to link a lesson with the planned sequence of teaching set by another colleague. CRTs may also be required to develop a sequence of learning activities at short notice. This course will reinforce these foundation skills to enhance the confidence of participants in a range of varied teaching settings.


Standards Addressed

3.1.2 Establish challenging learning goals 
3.2.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
3.3.2 Use teaching strategies 
3.5.2 Use effective classroom communication
3.6.2 Evaluate and improve teaching programs


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CRT2051o HITS #2 - Structuring lessons (Online)

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