Presented by: Laura Zinghini

Course Length: 60 Minutes


Course Description


Helping students in a secondary setting to develop their literacy skills across all subjects is an important part of teaching in Victoria. It is especially useful for CRTs to have a bank of ideas and resources to bring to the classroom. Providing students with the necessary resources to support the learning they need can be difficult and time consuming to collate. This session will outline some strategies for incorporating easy to access source and reference materials into the curriculum and will explore examples of engaging resources that can reduce planning and preparation time. This will help to build up a toolbox of available resources to support students' literacy development


Standards Addressed

3.2.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
3.3.2 Use teaching strategies 
3.4.2 Select and use resources


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CRT2045 Resources for secondary literacy

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  • Wednesday Oct 14 2020, 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • The TLN Online Learning Space